Rila Mountain

Rila Mountain

"Rila Mountain is the oldest School. There is an ancient  institute on it. Sometimes, souls from the Himalayas
come to Rila to study at its libraries."

Beinsa Douno
Peter Dunov

   "Every day apply the microscopic Divine idea of giving away. Every day give away something from yourself. The giving away is life. Give away the best to have."

Beinsa Douno

"Intelligent Nature has placed the sacred things at the high and inaccessible places, so that only the souls that are ready can enjoy and appreciate their beauty."

Beinsa Douno

The Lakes are The Seven Eyes of the planet.
The Lakes are seven musical notes.
The first one you can call "Maharzi". This means"The great rest". There you can rest. The first Lake is the physical life. The second Lake, where our sleep is, you can call "Elbour". This means "God is the strong One" .You can also call Elbour "The Lake of the trials". This Lake corresponds to  the lower region of the astral world.
You can call the third Lake "Balder-Darru". These words translated mean "The one who gives the goods". This Lake corresponds to the highest region of the astral world.
The fourth Lake is called "Twins". This lake is connected with the mental world.You can call the fifth Lake "Mahabour". This means "The bigger and the stronger". This Lake is connected with the causal world.
The sixth Lake is "The Heart".This Lake is connected with the buddhist consciuosness or nirvana.
The seventh one you can call " The Head" or "Shemhaa" This is a name of the Wisdom. It means the Supreme World.
Three thousand years before, the Advanced Creatures of Reason knew that we would go to the Seventh Rila Lakes and they had prepared them for us.

"A lot of work is required from the man to learn how to think, how to feel, how to act correctly. It takes a long time for man to get knowledge of God."


Beinsa Douno

The first lake "Maharzi"
(The Great Rest)

"Nature speaks to us all the time. Every moment, every hour and every day it alters its pictures,it changes the scales of its songs and within this great veriety it reveals the secrets of Reality to that person who knows how to read its books."

Beinsa Douno       

"Light is the sacred fire in Nature. It outlines the boundaires of objects and it makes them accesible to man... The power of man lies in the knowledge he has of the sacred fire."

Beinsa Douno

"The future religion will be based on three fundamentals: on Love, on Wisdom, on Truth."

Beinsa Douno

"The Entire Cosmos is penetrated by music and movement, combined in One Whole. Paneurhythmy is the expression of  this. It is based on the laws of correspondance among ideas, words, music and mouvements"
"The energies which pass through the brain and heart are Cosmic powers. Sometimes, you are aware of them, and sometimes you are not. These energies pass through your consciousness like a king of strange life or something you gradually are learning."

Beinsa Douno

The New cottage "Seven Rila Lakes"   where will be the Second International   Seminar from 14.08 to 31.08 - 1999!

The New cottage "Seven Rila Lakes" where will be the Second International   Seminar from 14.08 to 31.08 - 1999!

Every year there is a school  in Rila Mountain. The begining of this  tradition was initiated by Peter Dunov - Beinsa Douno.
He speaks that Rila Mountain  is the oldest school - there is ancient institute. Sometimes, souls come to Rila to study at its libraries.

1864 On the eleventh of July (29th of Junå by Julycalendar.). He was born at the village of Nikolaevkā, Varna district, in the family of the priest Konstantin A. Dānuvski.
(12th July in 20th century)
1886 The Master took his secondāry degree in the cities of Varna and Svishtov. Then, he was a school teacher for a short time at the village of Hotantsa, Russe district.
1888 The Master left for to the U.S.A. where he took his degree in Theology at the University of Boston. He also took a course in Medicine.
1895 He returned to Bulgaria.
1895-1900 The Master lived alone in seclusion and meditation,in  prayer and profound inner work. He received His initiation and mission.
1896 He published the book " Science and Education".
1898 He got in touch with His first disciples.
1900 The Master summoned His first three disciples - Penyo Kirov, Todor Stoimenov and Dr.Georgi Mirkovich to a meeting in Varna in the month of July. This was the First Concil.
1901 The Master commenced his travellings through Bulgaria. The travellings lasted for eleven years. He gave lectures, carried out phrenolological investigations and studied the fundamental characteristics of the Bulgarian people.
1900-1915 The Master performed meetings of the "Chain" - spiritual meetings.
1906 He settled up to live at No.66 "Opalchenska" street in Sofia, where he began periodically to deliver public lectures on Sundays.
1912 The Master created the book "The Testament of the Colour Rays for the Light" at the village of Arbanassi, close to the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Ternovo.
1914 He began to give regular Sunday lectures to the public in Sofia.
1917 The Master was internerd in Varna for some time.
1922 An Occultd School was opened by the Master for lectures with a class of  Young people (Special Class) and with a General Class.
1927 The Lecture Hall at the District of Izgrev was built and the life of the Brootherhood was established there . The Master also moved to live in Izgrev - a center of intensive spiritual heritage.
1929 That was the year when the first summer camp at the Seven Lakes in Rila was organized. The summer camp became a tradition for the fraternal life.
1933 The Master gave the first exercises of Paneurhythmy, which was finallyl completed in 1942.
1944 Together with a group of His disciples the Master spent the hardest months during at the war at the village of Marchaevo - near Sofia.
1944 27th December. The Master ended His earthly path in Sofia. He left an inestimable spiritual heritage.


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