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To the disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood:

When love reigns there is no commotion; When wisdom reigns order is not disturbed; When truth shines fruit blossoms and ripens.

P. Deunov

The inscription on the rock:
"Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends and strangers, teachers and disciples, servants and masters, you, who are serving Life, open your hearts to the Good and be like this spring."

Everything flows from a single Source. The Divine Teaching is given throughout the ages. It comes from God alone.

A letter from the Master - Beinsa Douno ( Petar Deunov )

To all friends

Springs must gush out, rivers must flow, and a Man must think, reason and observe the Will of his Heaven Father. His Will must be his Law. The Will of God, the Speech of God must be a goal in himself. Many leaves will fall, many shells will slip off till the soul attains its perfection. Let God direct you with His Spirit , and show you in yourselves what is good and right for Him. I have rendered Christís teaching to you, a teaching about Life, not about letters. This is not a teaching about sectarianism, but a Teaching about Wisdom and Love which can revive the whole life. God, whom I talk about , lives in the whole nature and is active in all creatures. He speaks within every heart. I convey His Teaching, I execute His Will, I listen to His Spirit and my joy is in His Live Speech. What a good it would be for the people, if they understood Godís language and thought that they were brothers, not enemies! If they shared their sorrow and their joy! The moment is coming when Celestial Voice will be heard. Be peaceful and patient. He will do things all right, He will rise from the dead and then there will be a flock and One Pastor of Life. Let the Christís Father Blessing from above spread over all, who invoke His Name at every time wherever they are.

Varna, August 26, 1917

P.K. Deunov



My name is Peter Konstantinov Denov from Varna, 60 years old, Bulgarian, not married, not judged. Teacher as profession.

"My teaching is founded on 3 basic principles. "Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Truth." From these divine principles the understanding follows that people must live in peace, mutual understanding for the people and mutual welfare. "My teaching excludes all kinds of aggression, and requires a complete purity of man's thoughts, feelings and actions.

One of the most demands that all followers of this Teaching should meet, is a moral perfection. The disciple of a divine the Divine school must be physically marally and spiritually pure, in order to accept and apply the Great Christ's teaching. Any violation of this demand is a considerable obstacle for his development. He should be right in any sense, right to himself, as well as to the others, he should be right to the society and state.

I recommend the the established law and order of the government be observed. Any defect and imperfection in the social and state system can be abolished by means of self- perfection. Because it is said "Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."

The Church must always be move according to Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth. I have nothing to do with politics, because it is no longer for us. To grasp the divine wisdom and understand the divine truth, knowledge of the new life is required. This knowledge is taught to those who voluntarily study and progress. If they are in a good mental and moral health, they grasp very easily the lessons which I give them. Or else they may give up this work which is beyond their capacity..

I am not calling anybody, nor am I forcing or retraining anybody. In my teaching the law of rational liberty is applied. Noone who'd like to come, will be spurned noone who'd like to go will be held back. Noone will be imposed any rules on, help will be imposed to everyone who needs it. And I do all this quite selflessly. My teaching, exposed in more than six volumes, and my life which is open to everybody, can be verified every moment and need not be defended. This teaching assures physical health, moral property and spritual progress to everybody who follows it, and whose life becomes a model for good behavior.
A few, not very sane people, are exluded from this rule of
development. But the cause of this is in their parents. ....

But they are not my pupils, although they say that they are.

I have nothing else to tell you.


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